1. n
1) список, опись, реестр
2) расписание, график
3) план, программа; календарный план
4) приложение (к документу); пояснительная записка (к бухгалтерскому отчету); дополнительная статья (договора)

- accumulation schedule
- adjusted schedule
- advertising schedule
- aging schedule
- agreed schedule
- amortization schedule
- bookkeeping schedule
- busy schedule
- busy schedule of appointments
- census schedule
- comprehensive schedule
- construction schedule
- consumption schedule
- contract schedule
- cost schedule
- curtail schedule
- customs schedule
- debt repayment schedule
- debt service schedule
- delivery schedule
- demand schedule
- depreciation schedule
- disbursement schedule
- dividend payment schedule
- drawdown schedule
- erection schedule
- exhibition schedule
- feasible schedule
- fee schedule
- field work schedule
- final schedule
- flat schedule
- flexible schedule
- flight schedule
- inquiry schedule
- inventory schedule
- job schedule
- joint schedule
- leave schedule
- linear schedule
- maintenance schedule
- manning schedule
- master schedule
- monthly schedule
- operating schedule
- operation schedule
- operative schedule
- optimal schedule
- payment schedule
- plant schedule
- practicable schedule
- preference schedule
- principal payment schedule
- production schedule
- project schedule
- project implementation schedule
- railway schedule
- rate schedule
- redemption schedule
- repayment schedule
- replacement schedule
- requirement schedule
- revised schedule
- rolling schedule
- saving schedule
- seasonal rate schedule
- separate schedule
- settlement schedule
- shipping schedule
- staffing schedule
- supply schedule
- tariff schedule
- task schedule
- tax schedule
- tentative schedule
- tight schedule
- timing schedule
- training schedule
- vacation schedule
- wage schedule
- work schedule
- workable schedule
- working schedule
- schedule for repayment of principal
- schedule of advertising
- schedule of charges
- schedule of commission charges
- schedule of construction
- schedule of deliveries
- schedule of expenses
- schedule of fees
- schedule of investments
- schedule of materials
- schedule of materials on order
- schedule of measures
- schedule of payments
- schedule of per diem rates
- schedule of prices
- schedule of services
- schedule of work
- according to schedule
- ahead of schedule
- on schedule
- out of schedule
- schedule
- up to schedule
- abide by the schedule
- adhere to the schedule
- agree upon a schedule
- approve a schedule
- be ahead of schedule
- be behind schedule
- be on schedule
- break a schedule
- compile a schedule
- coordinate schedules
- draw up a schedule
- elaborate a schedule
- establish a production schedule
- finalize a schedule
- keep to schedule
- maintain a schedule
- make a schedule
- map out a schedule
- meet a schedule
- operate to schedule
- prepare a schedule
- revise a schedule
- run on schedule
- work out a schedule
- work to schedule
2. v
1) составлять список
2) включать в график

- schedule hearing

English-russian dctionary of contemporary Economics. 2014.

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  • Schedule A — the provision under which the Inland Revenue taxes the annual profits or gains arising in respect of rents or similar payments arising from ownership of land or an interest therein in the UK. Collins dictionary of law. W. J. Stewart. 2001.… …   Law dictionary

  • Schedule D — the provision under which the Inland Revenue taxes annual profits or gains that fall under one or other of six cases. Case 1 deals with profits from a trade or an adventure in the nature of a trade; Case II deals with profits from a profession or …   Law dictionary

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  • schedule — ► NOUN 1) a plan for carrying out a process or procedure, giving lists of intended events and times. 2) a timetable. 3) chiefly Law an appendix to a formal document or statute, especially as a list, table, or inventory. ► VERB 1) arrange or plan… …   English terms dictionary

  • schedule — [ske′jool, ske′jooəl; ] Brit & often Cdn [ shej′ool, shed′yool] n. [altered (infl. by LL) < ME sedule < OFr cedule < LL schedula, dim. of L scheda, a strip of papyrus < Gr schidē, splinter of wood, split piece < schizein, to split …   English World dictionary

  • Schedule — Sched ule (?; in England commonly ?; 277), n. [F. c[ e]dule, formerly also spelt schedule, L. schedula, dim. of scheda, scida, a strip of papyrus bark, a leaf of paper; akin to (or perh. from) Gr. ? a tablet, leaf, and to L. scindere to cleave,… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • schedule — [n] plan for one’s time agenda, appointments, calendar, catalog, chart, diagram, docket, inventory, itinerary, lineup*, list, order of business, program, record, registry, roll, roster, sked*, table, timetable; concepts 271,283,660 Ant.… …   New thesaurus

  • Schedule B — the provision under which the Inland Revenue taxed income from woodlands in the UK. It was abolished as from 6 April 1988. Collins dictionary of law. W. J. Stewart. 2001 …   Law dictionary

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